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Nanotech Regulatory Document Archive

A very interesting new database – found out about it today via a @kulinowski tweet : the Nanotech Regulatory Document Archive. According to its homepage : “The Nanotech Regulatory Document Archive is a free, searchable database of governmental documents from around the world relating to nanotechnology regulation. Each entry in the database provides a direct link and/or attached copy of a specific government document, an abstract of that document prepared for the database, and a listing of other pertinent information including author, date, and document type. (…).”



Nano&me is a new educational website dedicated to nanotech, launched from the UK by the Responsible Nano Forum. According to the website producers : “Our aim with nano&me is to provide balanced information about anotechnologies and be the hub of debate for everyone to discuss the important issues which arise from its use.” Here are the main categories included in Nano&me :

What is nano ?

Nano products

Nano safety

Social and ethical


The nano debate

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Nanoscience and nanotechnology in the EC research programs

– In February 2008, the European Commission released a recommendation on a code of conduct for responsible nanosciences and nanotechnologies research. It is based on seven principles : meaning (activities should be broadly comprehensible); sustainability; precaution; inclusiveness (with regard to stakeholders); excellence; innovation; and accountability (with regard to social and other impacts).*

– The 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Community (which runs from 2007 till 2013) includes a theme entitled “Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials & new production technologies” (“NMP”).**

– Additionally, two European Community technology platforms*** are already set up in the field of nanotechnology :

–> European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council (ENIAC)

–> European Technology Platform-Nanomedicine (ETP-Nanomedicine)

* The European Commission website includes a dedicated nanotechnology page.

** More information about nanotechnology projects in former Framework Programs is available from this page

*** The full list of European Technology Platforms (ETPs) can be found here.

Nano comments

Here is the list of people who already left comments here (most recent participation first), and of their websites :

Richard Holliday / Gold Innovations blog

John Thompson / Nanovip

Nizam Arjuna / “Where science & law converge”

Gregor Wolbring / Gregor Wolbring’s blog

“Nanon” / Нанотехнологии. Наука будущего

Ahmet Yükseltürk / Nanotürkiye

Twitter Journal of Nanoscience

The Twitter Journal of Nanoscience website includes a Live Feeds page where the 10 latest Twitter posts including Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Nanotech, Nanomedicine, Nanoparticle or Nanotube are gathered.

Focus : nanotech on NGO websites

The emergence of increasingly numerous nanotechnology applications triggers a lot of debate, especially about health, environmental and ethical issues. Several NGOs have dedicated a part of their website to nanotechnologies to express their opinions / state their positions and initiate or relay campaigns related to nanotech, for example :

-> Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : nanotechnology page and position statement on nanotechnology

-> ETC Group : nanotechnology page

-> Organic Consumers Association :  “information on nanotechnology and synthetic biology” page

Other NGOs launched satellite websites completely dedicated to their views and actions on nanotech ; two of them are already referenced on Nanocolors (the parent NGO is mentionned between brackets) :

-> Friends Of the Earth Nanotechnology Project (Friends Of the Earth Australia)

-> NanoAction (International Center for Technology Assessment)

Your comments are welcome, for example if you know other such websites 🙂


The International Council on Nanotechnology (ICON) recently launched GoodNanoGuide, a “collaboration platform designed to enhance the ability of experts to exchange ideas on how best to handle nanomaterials in an occupational setting (…) meant to be an interactive forum that fills the need for up-to-date information about current good workplace practices, highlighting new practices as they develop“. As summarized on Nanotechnology Law Report : “The site has a “Basic” section for those who are just beginning to deal with nanomaterials, an “Intermediate” one for those with some knowledge but in need of more, and an “Advanced” section for the more experienced. At each level, there are links that are focused on specific topics, such as protecting workers using nanomaterials in an industrial setting.”

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