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NanoMission : a serious game about nanotech and its applications

NanoMission is a “serious game” developped by PlayGen and designed to educate players about basic concepts in nanoscience through real world practical applications from microelectronics to drug delivery. Four modules are available and can be freely downloaded after registration on the NanoMission website :

NanoMedicine V1

NanoMedicine V2



Several videos from the game are available on YouTube, among which :

Polymer nanoparticles to increase oil extraction yields

Russian Rusnano and British BP will use nanotechnologies to increase oil production efficiency in Russia. They will implement a project called “Brightwater” which involves the use of polymer nanoparticles to increase pressure in oil layers and thereby increase extraction yields (see Rianovosti article here).  

International approaches to the regulatory governance of nanotechnology

The Regulatory Governance Initiative (RGI) at Carleton University in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) published in April a report entitled: “International Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Nanotechnology“. According to the authors’ abstract :  “This report is an initial exploration into the question: ―How have Canada and other jurisdictions reacted to the recent emergence of nanotechnology-based products in the marketplace (and what is the current state of affairs)?” undertaken from the perspective of regulatory governance. The report is largely based on a literature review (up to March 2009) that has been corroborated with expert interviews. Our focus is on five jurisdictions (US, UK, EU, Australia and Canada) and we describe how the emergence of nanotechnology triggered activities in three domains: (a) public and stakeholder debate, (b) development of initial policy options, and (c) the management of regulatory development in a situation of scarce data. On the basis of these up-to-date descriptions, we have selected a set of six regulatory governance principles and discuss the extent to which best practices are starting to emerge.

Nanotechnology Industries Association

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) proposes Global news, NIA news, and press releases related to their activities and “in support of a balanced view of nanotechnologies“. It presents its general mission as “to promote the responsible use of nanotechnology and raise awareness of its many applications among key audiences (…)“. Although it is now located in Brussels (Belgium), it is a UK association (see for example the older address here).


NanoChina delivers news about nanotechnology developments in China both in English and in Chinese. The website is apparently edited by the UK Institute of Nanotechnology.