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Will you feel sexy wearing nanotech at the beach ?

Sun Dry Swim is a brand of swimwear that “dries itself in seconds“. According to the company, the fabric “has an invisible nanotechnology mesh around each fabric fiber, creating a permanent water repelling material without interfering with the fabric weave. This effect creates an easy to clean, breathable protected surface with water resistant properties, the material cannot soak up liquid, while the fabric still looks and performs like top quality swimsuit fabric.” (see this press release). Then the question remains : will you feel sexy wearing nanotech at the beach ?

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# Nano & textiles : volumetry of patents since 2000 ]]]

Nano & textiles : volumetry of patents since 2000

This chart was built by searching the Espacenet database for patents mentionning the prefix “nano” and the words “textile” or “textiles”  in their title or abstract.


NanoItalTex 2008

NanoItalTex 2008 will take place in Milan (Italy) on November 26th and 27th. This conference is about the latest technical advances in the textile and clothing sectors and highlights the R&D activity in this field. The main themes for the conference will be : new materials for textiles and clothing ; smart textiles ; high performance products for sport and human protection ; shape memory materials.