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USA risk losing global leadership in nanotech

According to a new report from Lux Research, “In terms of sheer volume, The U.S. dominated the rest of the world in nanotech funding and new patents last year (…). But (…) countries such as China and Russia launched new challenges to U.S. dominance in 2009, while smaller players such as Japan, Germany and South Korea surpassed the United States in terms of commercializing nanotechnology and products.” (press release)

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Polymer nanoparticles to increase oil extraction yields

Russian Rusnano and British BP will use nanotechnologies to increase oil production efficiency in Russia. They will implement a project called “Brightwater” which involves the use of polymer nanoparticles to increase pressure in oil layers and thereby increase extraction yields (see Rianovosti article here).  

New Russian nanotechnology funding program

According to President Dmitry Medvedev at the opening of Rusnanotech 09 on Tuesday, “nanotechnology will rival oil as a global powerhouse industry, so Russia’s economy needs to embrace it now (…) The global nanotechnology market is worth about $250 billion today and may reach $2 trillion to $3 trillion by 2015, making it comparable to the market of natural resources (…)” A new nanotechnology funding program approved by the Russian government this week totalizes ~318 billion rubles ($3.95 billion) until 2015 ; the sector’s sales in Russia are expected to reach 900 billion rubles by that time. The innovations should be created by small and midsized businesses according to Sergei Mazurenko, head of the Federal Science and Innovations Agency : “We should be more systematic in developing new high-tech production by creating medium-sized and small science-intensive businesses (…) In addition, we need extensive applied research in order to create competitive nanoproducts.” (article)

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For those wanting to track nanotech-related news directly in Russian, here is a relevant website : Nanonewsnet.ru.

Tracking everything produced in Russia that uses nanotechnology

According to Anatoly Chubais, CEO of Rusnano, the company and the Russian State Statistics Service are partnering to develop a system that will track “everything produced in Russia that uses nanotechnology“. (read Moscow Times article here [17/04/2009]).

Rusnanotech 08 – Nanotechnology International Forum

The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies organizes the Annual Nanotechnology International Forum – Rusnanotech 08– which is to be held on December 3-5, 2008 in Moscow (Russia). Here are the program of the scientific sessions and the business program of the forum. Many international companies and R&D centers involved in nanoindustry will be represented. The first international competition of scientific papers in nanotechnology for young researchers will also take place during this event.


According to a recent declaration of Vladimir Poutine (20/09/2008), France and Russia could jointly develop interesting projects in the fields of biotechnologies, composite materials and nanotechnologies.