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ANEC/BEUC inventory of products claiming to contain nanoparticles available on the EU market

ANEC (European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation) and BEUC (Bureau européen des unions de consommateurs) released this month on their websites an inventory of consumer products claiming to contain nanoparticles available on the EU market. This inventory shows for now examples of 151 products ; ANEC and BEUC intend to update it regularly. Here is how the products distribute by categories :

appliances : 5 kitchen appliances and 2 laundry/clothing care products

automotive : 24 maintenance products and accessories

cross cutting : 11 coatings and 20 other products

electronics and computers : 4 products

Рfood and drink : 9 supplements and 1 other product

– products for children : 2 products

health and fitness : 7 clothing products, 32 personal care products and 3 sporting goods

home and garden : 14 cleaning products, 10 construction materials and 7 other products.