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Nano & French university patents : Université Claude Bernard (Lyon) ranks 1st

This chart was built by searching the Espacenet database for patents

1) mentionning the prefix “nano” in their title or abstract

2) mentionning “univ”, the [FR] country code, and the name of the university in the “applicant” field

3) without any restriction of publication year

Only the top 10 most visible French universities according to these criteria are presented in the chart (NB : total number of patents is much lower than for US universities)

Dresden and Grenoble nanotechnology clusters strengthen their cooperation

In order to better face competition – especially from Asia – the two most important European nanoelectronics & nanotechnology clusters (Dresden in Germany and Grenoble in France) will strengthen their cooperation in the coming months.  They will set up common expert committees regarding education, R&D, industrial coordination, SMEs and environment ; the first common projects are expected to be launched by the end of 2010 (article).

Clinical Applications of Nanotechnologies in the Field of Cancer

The “Clinical applications of nanotechnologies in cancer” conference will take place in Montpellier (France) on January 28 and 29, 2010. According to the program, the sessions will focus on the following topics :

SESSION 1: Presentation of nano research activities: IBEC/Biopol L´H-Barcelona, Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest and Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

SESSION 2: Transfer of nanotechnology to clinical applications related to cancer 
SESSION 3: Ethics and regulatory issues related to nanotechnologies in the field of cancer

SESSION 4: Proof of concept of clinical applications in oncology  

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Videos and presentations from the French nanotech debate

Here are two useful sources of information for getting a feeling of the ongoing French nanotech debate :

– videos related to the debate, including video summaries of some of the public meetings are available here ;

– slideshare versions of presentations delivered at the meetings are available here ; although very short (too short to my mind), some provide interesting elements.

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Program of the French nanotech debate

The projected schedule of the French nanotech debate to come is now available (for example here). 17 public meetings will be held in different towns, each one focusing on specific topics :

Strasbourg, October 15th – European governance
Toulouse, October 20th – Lifecycle of nanostructured products and environmental protection
Orléans, October 27th – Nanotechnologies and consumer protection

Bordeaux, November 3rd – Industrial processes / Nanotechnologies and worker protection
Clermont-ferrand, November 10th – Nanoparticles and atmospheric pollution
Lille, November 17th – Nanotechnologies and textiles
Besançon, November 24th – Nanotechnologies and competitivity

Grenoble, December 1st – Computing and personal freedom / Nanomedicine
Caen, December 8th – Building materials and multi-use applications
Metz, December 15th – Housing and energy

Rennes, January 5th – Nanotechnology and food safety
Lyon, January 12th – Nanoparticles in the organism. Toxicity studies
Marseille, January 19th – Homeland security and national defense
Orsay, January 26th – Research and industrial development. Convergence between nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, computing and cognitive sciences

Montpellier, February 9th – Environmental protection. North-South sustainable development.
Nantes, February 16th – New materials for capital goods
Paris, February 23rd – Ethics and governance

Scope of the French public nanotech debate

According to the official document signed in late February 2009 (see also corresponding press release), the French public nanotech debate forecasted for next autumn will be focused on general orientations of development and regulation of nanotechnologies. The debate will be based on a benefit/risk analysis (especially health and environmental benefits and risks) of the various nanotech applications and aims at shedding light on the orientation of the French government action in the following fields :

– modalities of support to nanotech research and innovation

– characterization of exposure and assessment of  toxicity for humans and ecosystems, including the elaboration of systems of reference and tools for nanoparticle detection

– information and protection of workers at workplace

– organisation of control and monitoring, governance.

The document also mentions that given the global stakes of nanotech research and innovation in the field of manufactured nanomaterials and nanosystems, important coverage will be given to international and European aspects of these issues.

OncoNano International Symposium

The French National Cancer Institute (INCa) organizes on October 5th, 2009 in Paris (France) an international symposium entitled “OncoNano : To accelerate translation of nanotechnology to cancer diagnostic, pronostic and care*. The program is available here.