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Nano & the top 10 big semiconductor suppliers : Sony and Intel far behind Samsung for patents


Based on an estimation using the Espacenet database, this chart illustrates how the top 10 big semiconductor suppliers (according to the 2008 ranking of the top semiconductor suppliers released on Electronicsweekly.com) rank in terms of number of nano-related patents. The domination of Samsung is obvious, with close to 60% of the total number of patents over these 10 companies ; Sony and Intel are respectively n°2 and n°3.

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# Nano & electronics : volumetry of patents since 2000 ]]]


Nano & photovoltaics : volumetry in sci-tech publications since 2000

This chart was built by searching Scitation for publications mentionning the prefixes “nano” and “photovolt” in their title or abstract.


2.3 billion euros in the frame of the French “Nano 2012” program

The stakeholders of Nano 2012 (government, local authorities, scientific and industrial partners) yesterday agreed on the frame of this ambitious French R&D program which involves an investment of 2.3 billion euros over 5 years. Nanoelectronics is a privileged topic of this program. (article 1, article 2).

Nano & electronics : volumetry of patents since 2000

This chart was built by searching the Espacenet database for patents mentionning the prefixes “nano” and “electronic” in their title or abstract.


Nanotech : the circuits blog

Nanotech & electronics, this is the expected focus of Nanotech : the circuits blog. To use its author’s words, it more precisely “covers computer chip technology and how it defines the computing experience“. From the posts I read this blog actually mostly deals with industry/companies news in the field rather than with purely nanotechnological aspects. (RSS feed)

NanoMarkets TOP Blog

TOP is here an acronym for  : Thin Film, Organic and Printable. The NanoMarkets TOP Blog focuses on “emerging markets and technology opportunities within the energy, thin-film, organic and printable electronics industries.

French nanoelectronics

François Fillon, the French Prime Minister, announced the granting of 565 million euros over 5 years for the French nanoelectronics sector  after visiting the Global competitiveness cluster Minalogic, located in Grenoble (24/09/2008).