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NanoMission : a serious game about nanotech and its applications

NanoMission is a “serious game” developped by PlayGen and designed to educate players about basic concepts in nanoscience through real world practical applications from microelectronics to drug delivery. Four modules are available and can be freely downloaded after registration on the NanoMission website :

NanoMedicine V1

NanoMedicine V2



Several videos from the game are available on YouTube, among which :



Nano&me is a new educational website dedicated to nanotech, launched from the UK by the Responsible Nano Forum. According to the website producers : “Our aim with nano&me is to provide balanced information about anotechnologies and be the hub of debate for everyone to discuss the important issues which arise from its use.” Here are the main categories included in Nano&me :

What is nano ?

Nano products

Nano safety

Social and ethical


The nano debate

[[[ Additional link suggested by Nanocolors :

# Web 2.0 Meets Public Engagement in Nanotechnology ]]]


NanoHUB.org was created by the Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN). This collaborative website provides tools for research and educational activities such as online simulation tools, learning modules, …  Users (free registry) can upload and share with the NanoHUB.org community their own presentations and simulation tools ; they can also earn points by posting valuable questions and answers on the website forum.


Nanooze is a web-based science magazine whose aim is “to stimulate, excite, educate, and challenge kids age 6 to 10 years old and their teachers” about science and especially nanotechnology. The issues of the magazine can be downloaded here. A blog and a game for kids are also on display on the website.


AccessNano is a nanotechnology educational resource designed to introduce accessible and innovative science and technology into Australian secondary school classrooms. It provides teachers with 13 ready-to-use, versatile, web-based teaching modules, featuring PowerPoint presentations, experiments, activities, animations and links to interactive websites.  The 13 modules are  entitled :

the Space Elevator

Shape Memory Alloy

Scale and Measurement


Performance Materials

Health and Medicine


Personal Care Products

Social Issues