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University nanotechnology patents : China, USA and Korea most productive countries

This chart was built by searching the Espacenet database for patents

1) mentionning the prefix “nano” in their title or abstract

2) mentionning “univ” and the country code in the “applicant” field

3) without any restriction of publication year

Only the top 10 most visible countries according to these criteria are presented in the chart.

USA risk losing global leadership in nanotech

According to a new report from Lux Research, “In terms of sheer volume, The U.S. dominated the rest of the world in nanotech funding and new patents last year (…). But (…) countries such as China and Russia launched new challenges to U.S. dominance in 2009, while smaller players such as Japan, Germany and South Korea surpassed the United States in terms of commercializing nanotechnology and products.” (press release)

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A while ago I was publishing a chart indicating that China is the most visible country in the Espacenet database concerning nano-related patents. According to an article from The Guardian (26/03/2009) entitled “China’s giant step into nanotechnology” (also mentionned here), China is truly becoming a nanotechnology megapower. Here is a selection of excerpts from the article :

” (…) China’s sweeping nanotech programme (…) has the potential to transform its export-based economy and nearly every aspect of our lives, from food and clothes to medicine and the military.(…) China now produces more papers on nanotech than any other nation. (…) “There’s a lot of concern about the use of nanotech with weapons,” says Wilsdon. “I’m sure China is spending significant amounts of their R&D budget on military uses.” (…) Most experts agree that a system of stringent safety regulations and comprehensive quality inspection checks is needed before China’s nano-coatings, cosmetics and clothes are stocked by supermarkets. “The economic crisis could prove the catalyst that Chinese nanotech companies need to get this system in place,” says Harper.(…) The US may still lead the nano surge overall, but Harper believes China will be on a par with the EU and US by 2012. (…) “


NanoChina delivers news about nanotechnology developments in China both in English and in Chinese. The website is apparently edited by the UK Institute of Nanotechnology.