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Nanoparticles risks vs benefits : the blogosphere trend

These charts were built by searching Google advanced blog search for posts respectively quoting nanoparticles (1st chart) ;  nanoparticles and risks / nanoparticles and benefits (2nd chart). The online mediatization of nanoparticles in the blogosphere appears to explode in 2005 and strongly increase from year to year ever since, with more visibility for the associated risks than benefits.

It is not very clear why 2005 would be the turning point, nevertheless it is interesting to confront these charts to a timeline of nanotechnology policy and regulation in Canada, Australia, the EU, the UK and the USA.


Your nano-interview in 6 questions

Thought about providing a few short nano-interviews here, by and for nanotech bloggers and twitterers. Feel free to answer via comments or via mail at nanocolors (at) gmail.com, your answers will be displayed in a dedicated post.

1) What are your main interests in the nanotech field ? (which applications, issues, etc…)

2) For approximately how long have you been blogging/twittering about nanotech ? (also indicate your blog and/or twitter url here)

3) Which 3 other nanotech blogs or twitter feeds would you recommend following ? You can also present each of them (author, main focus,…) in a few words.

4) Could you name 3 nanotech-based products, nanotech tools or nanotech companies you would like to know more about ?

5) How did you first find out about Nanocolors blog ? (web search engine, twitter, reference in another blog or tweet…)

6) If you wish, propose an additional question for future nano-interviewees 😉

Nanomaterial research & occupational health versus EHS in general – trend chart on the ICON blog

A chart released this week on the ICON blog  compares the volumetry of nanomaterial research publications of relevance to occupational health with that of nanotechnology environmental, health and safety (EHS)  research publications in general, among publications registered in ICON’s nanoEHS database. It was built using the Nano-EHS Database Analysis Tool available on the International Council On Nanotechnology (ICON) website. An adaptated version is published below, please visit this post on the ICON blog for the original chart, the context and the interesting comments.


Nano comments

Here is the list of people who already left comments here (most recent participation first), and of their websites :

Richard Holliday / Gold Innovations blog

John Thompson / Nanovip

Nizam Arjuna / “Where science & law converge”

Gregor Wolbring / Gregor Wolbring’s blog

“Nanon” / Нанотехнологии. Наука будущего

Ahmet Yükseltürk / Nanotürkiye

2 nanotech blogs recently closed

Howard Lovy’s Nanobot (USA, single author blog) and Blog @ NanoVic (Australia, multi contributor blog) both closed in early June. Find out about the hows/whys in their last posts  : Farewell, NanoBot and Farewell from NanoVic.

[[[ Additional link suggested by Nanocolors :

# The shrinking nanotechnology blog universe ]]]

10 popular nanotechnology blogs

Today’s surprise… Nanocolors is featured on blogs.com as one of “10 popular nanotechnology blogs” ! Here is the full list :

Howard Lovy’s Nanobot





Nanotech Buzz

Nanotechnology Development Blog

Nanotechnology Law Blog

Next Big Future

Responsible Nanotechnology

Focus on nanotechnology law blogs

Already 4 blogs dedicated to the topic of nanotechnology laws/regulations are referenced on Nanocolors :

–> Nanotechnology Law : “A Journal of Nanotechnology Law and Policies, dedicated to assess legal implications of nanoscale technologies and the emerging molecular nanotechnology.”

–> Nanotechnology Law Blog : “Regulatory and legal developments involving nanotechnologies & nanomaterials

–> Nanotechnology Law Report : “Legal issues surrounding nanotechnology & general nanotechnology news and events

–> “Where science & law converge” : “A committed quest for ultimate knowledge and construction of international nanotechnology law. entailed in multi-disciplinary context. (…)

Please leave a comment if you know other such blogs 🙂