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ANEC/BEUC inventory of products claiming to contain nanoparticles available on the EU market

ANEC (European Association for the Co-ordination of Consumer Representation in Standardisation) and BEUC (Bureau européen des unions de consommateurs) released this month on their websites an inventory of consumer products claiming to contain nanoparticles available on the EU market. This inventory shows for now examples of 151 products ; ANEC and BEUC intend to update it regularly. Here is how the products distribute by categories :

appliances : 5 kitchen appliances and 2 laundry/clothing care products

automotive : 24 maintenance products and accessories

cross cutting : 11 coatings and 20 other products

electronics and computers : 4 products

– food and drink : 9 supplements and 1 other product

– products for children : 2 products

health and fitness : 7 clothing products, 32 personal care products and 3 sporting goods

home and garden : 14 cleaning products, 10 construction materials and 7 other products.


Nano review papers for environmental NGOs by the EEB

The European Environmental Bureau is producing a series of four papers “meant to serve as a capacity building tool empowering environmental NGOs to work actively in the field of sustainable governance and use of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials.”  Already two are available online :

Challenges and opportunities to green nanotechnologies (April 2009 ; 13 p)

Nanomaterials – health and environmental concerns (July 2009 ; 17 p)

NGOs challenge claims about environmental benefits of nanotechnologies

IPEN (International POPs Elimination Network) and EEB (European Environmental Bureau), two international coalitions of NGOs, recently pointed out in a press release a “mismatch between claims and reality” concerning potential environmental benefits of nanotechnologies. According to them, ” (…) early evidence of the much greater energy demands of producing nanoparticles, the significant quantities of potentially toxic waste their production generates, and the ecotoxic behaviour of many nanoparticles themselves has cast doubt on industry claims that nanotechnology offers ‘green’ solutions to the current ecological crises (…) Without a proper and comprehensive risk and life cycle analysis to balance the current commercialisation of high-risk applications with little or no proven societal benefits, environmental costs could be high and the technology as a whole distrusted or rejected by the public.”

[[[ Additional links suggested by Nanocolors :

# Environmentally beneficial nanotechnologies – barriers and opportunities (95 p)

# Nanoparticles & ecotoxicity – volumetry in biomedical publications since 2000 ]]]

Focus : nanotech on NGO websites

The emergence of increasingly numerous nanotechnology applications triggers a lot of debate, especially about health, environmental and ethical issues. Several NGOs have dedicated a part of their website to nanotechnologies to express their opinions / state their positions and initiate or relay campaigns related to nanotech, for example :

-> Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : nanotechnology page and position statement on nanotechnology

-> ETC Group : nanotechnology page

-> Organic Consumers Association :  “information on nanotechnology and synthetic biology” page

Other NGOs launched satellite websites completely dedicated to their views and actions on nanotech ; two of them are already referenced on Nanocolors (the parent NGO is mentionned between brackets) :

-> Friends Of the Earth Nanotechnology Project (Friends Of the Earth Australia)

-> NanoAction (International Center for Technology Assessment)

Your comments are welcome, for example if you know other such websites 🙂

ACS Nanotation

ACS Nanotation is provided on the American Chemical Society (ACS) website and focuses specifically on nanoscience/nanotechnologies with stuff such as  Nano Highlights from ACS Publications (a page featuring nano-related content from all ACS journals), Nano Picks (a participative review and analysis of the recent litterature on the most important nanoscience and nanotechnology findings), or  NanoTube (user-generated video content) – to name only a few.

Nanotechnology Industries Association

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) proposes Global news, NIA news, and press releases related to their activities and “in support of a balanced view of nanotechnologies“. It presents its general mission as “to promote the responsible use of nanotechnology and raise awareness of its many applications among key audiences (…)“. Although it is now located in Brussels (Belgium), it is a UK association (see for example the older address here).