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New clinical trial : in vivo assessment of silver biomaterial nanotoxicity

University of Utah will launch a phase I / phase II clinical trial to assess silver biomaterial nanotoxicity in healthy human volunteers, registered in the Clinicaltrials.gov database under reference NCT01243320. The purpose of the trial is to :

– quantify comprehensive metabolic panel, urinalysis, and CBC with platelet count changes from exposure to 10 ppm silver solution ;

-quantify silver in whole blood and urine by measurement of silver metallic ions (Ag0) ;

-quantify granulocyte and agranulocyte counts, measuring presence of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and determining presence of pro-inflammatory genetic markers from induced sputum ;

-qualify silver nanoparticle retention in human organ systems (on the last day of each phase of the study, all eligible subjects without will undergo a cardiac and abdominal MRI to identify retention Ag0 nanoparticles).

The study is not yet open for participant recruitment.

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