Your nano-interview in 6 questions

Thought about providing a few short nano-interviews here, by and for nanotech bloggers and twitterers. Feel free to answer via comments or via mail at nanocolors (at), your answers will be displayed in a dedicated post.

1) What are your main interests in the nanotech field ? (which applications, issues, etc…)

2) For approximately how long have you been blogging/twittering about nanotech ? (also indicate your blog and/or twitter url here)

3) Which 3 other nanotech blogs or twitter feeds would you recommend following ? You can also present each of them (author, main focus,…) in a few words.

4) Could you name 3 nanotech-based products, nanotech tools or nanotech companies you would like to know more about ?

5) How did you first find out about Nanocolors blog ? (web search engine, twitter, reference in another blog or tweet…)

6) If you wish, propose an additional question for future nano-interviewees 😉


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