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Clinical Applications of Nanotechnologies in the Field of Cancer

The “Clinical applications of nanotechnologies in cancer” conference will take place in Montpellier (France) on January 28 and 29, 2010. According to the program, the sessions will focus on the following topics :

SESSION 1: Presentation of nano research activities: IBEC/Biopol L´H-Barcelona, Cancéropôle Grand Sud-Ouest and Cancéropôle Lyon Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

SESSION 2: Transfer of nanotechnology to clinical applications related to cancer 
SESSION 3: Ethics and regulatory issues related to nanotechnologies in the field of cancer

SESSION 4: Proof of concept of clinical applications in oncology  

[[[ Additional links suggested by Nanocolors :

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# A nanotech sensor to distinguish between the breath of lung cancer patients and healthy controls

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