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Focus on nanotech companies in the biomedical sector

This post focuses on companies specifically developping/proposing nanotech-based products & applications in the biomedical sector ; for each company listed below the specific area of activity and/or a flagship product or application are also mentionned :

<> BIND Biosciences (USA) : therapeutic targeted nanoparticles

<> BioNanomatrix (USA) : nanochannel array technology for genome analysis

<> Calando Pharmaceuticals (USA) : RNAi/Oligonucleotide Nanoparticle Delivery (RONDEL) technology

<> Cerulean Pharma (USA) : Nanocell nanobiology platform for multi-compartmental nanoparticle-based therapeutics

<> Cromoz (USA) : water soluble carbon nanotubes and water soluble fluorescent carbon quantum dots for the biomedical industry (drug delivery, imaging)

<> Cytimmune (USA) : colloidal gold-based nanomedicines

<> Debiotech (Switzerland) : Insulin Nanopump

<> Ferropharm (Germany) : superparamagnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

<> Magforce Nanotechnologies (Germany) : Nano-Cancer therapy

<> MedNanotech / Medical Nanotechnologies Inc (USA) : nanoparticle functionalization, drug delivery and targeted hyperthermic therapy

<> Minerva Biotechnologies (USA) : biochips based on affinity nanoparticles for diagnosis, therapy selection, and monitoring of drug effectiveness (example : test which identifies the MUC1* biomarker)

<> NanoBioMagnetics (USA) : organ-assisting-device (OAD) technologies employing magnetically responsive nanoparticles (MNP)

<> Nanobiotix (France) : NanoXray nanoparticles

<> NanoMedical Systems (USA) : Personalized Molecular Drug delivery System

<> NanoSpectra Biosciences (USA) : Aurolase therapy for thermal destruction of solid tumors

<> Nanosphere (USA) : advanced molecular diagnostics systems

<> NanoViricides (USA) :  targeted anti-viral therapeutics utilizing nanoscale materials and processes

<> NOD Pharmaceuticals (USA/China) : Nanoparticle Oral Delivery technology

<> Omega Genesis (USA) : focused on nano-scale materials that promote or inhibit angiogenesis (the growth of new blood vessels)

<> Savara Pharmaceuticals (USA) : NanoCluster dry powder aerosol drug delivery platform

<> Shrink Nanotechnologies (USA) : StemDisc platform, ShrinkChip rapid prototyping system

Comments are welcome for expanding this list !

<<< Latest post update : 23/10/2010 >>>


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