Carbon nanotubes can dramatically accelerate the germination and growth of plants

In the frame of a new study entitled Carbon Nanotubes Are Able To Penetrate Plant Seed Coat and Dramatically Affect Seed Germination and Plant Growth recently published in the online edition of ACS Nano, researchers have demonstrated that carbon nanotubes can penetrate thick seed coat and support water uptake inside tomato seeds. According to some of the authors : “The fact that nanomaterials have a strong influence on the growth kinetics of the plants is a clear indication of the bio-activity of these nanomaterials (…) The activated process of water uptake could be responsible for the significantly faster germination rates and higher biomass production for the seeds and seedlings that were exposed to carbon nanotubes [CNT], although the exact molecular mechanisms of CNT-induced water uptake inside plants seeds are not clear yet and require further investigation (…)” (see Nanowerk article and original publication for further details)

[[[ Additional link suggested by Nanocolors :

# Carbon nanotubes in sci-tech publications since 2000 ]]]


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