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Integrating the nanoscale in formulations : the InForm project

A new EU-funded 3-year, EUR 1.7 million project entitled INFORM (“Integrating the nanoscale in formulations”) aims to facilitate communication and consequently scientific advances in the field of formulation science regarding the use of nanomaterials. It will focus its efforts on six priority areas:

– the formulation of nano-bio materials

– the handling and processing of nanopowders

– process intensification and soft nanomaterial formulations

– physical chemistry at the nanoscale

– the nanoscale and the formulation of smart and functional coatings, films and tapes

– toxicology and other health effects of nanomaterials.

The project is not industry-specific and has been designed to bring together the top formulation scientists across many disciplines ; so far, 17 companies or institutions are involved, and the University of Manchester (UK) is in charge of the coordination.

Ref : article 1, article 2


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