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Friends of the Earth new (short) report : “Manufactured nanomaterials and sunscreens : top reasons for precautions”

Friends of the Earth together with ICTA and Consumers Union released today a 10 page report entitled “Manufactured nanomaterials and sunscreens : top reasons for precautions“. According to them these reasons are :

– Nanomaterials are different from other conventionally-sized compounds

– In the body, nanomaterials have much greater access to vulnerable organs and tissues

– Increasing evidence that some nanomaterials can pass through the skin

– Senior scientists have called for mandatory premarket safety tests for nanomaterials before they are used in products

– Potential next generation harm from nanomaterials

– Potential harm to workers and the Environment

– Nanomaterials in sunscreens and cosmetics could theoretically cause skin damage over time

– Consumers can get highly effective transparent protection from harmful rays of the sun with products made without nanoscale chemical ingredients.

Further details are available in the document.

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