Nano & the top 10 big pharmaceutical companies – a cautious involvement ?


Based on an estimation using the Espacenet database, this chart illustrates how the top 10 big pharmaceutical companies (according to 2008 IMS Health data) rank in terms of number of nano-related patents.

With a few additional comments  :  

– Most of these companies only applied for a small number of nanotech-related patents so far ; but overall, the yearly volume of new “nano & pharma” patents has increased almost every year since 2000

– Big pharmas seemingly do not have a lot of in-house expertise in nanotech (or do not communicate about such expertise) and those who involve themselves in the nano field rather choose to set up partnerships with small, specialized companies (maybe also to limit the risks in case nanotech, for now “only” debated, would become unpopular)

– Several big pharmas released rather cautious general statements summarizing their stand about nanotech ; for example GSK, who “is actively investigating a number of opportunities that utilize nanomaterials” in its R&D programmes, insists on risk assessment and risk management in its April 2009 statement.

Looking forward to readers’ comments and complementary information on these topics 🙂

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