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Focus on nanotechnology reports

<<< Latest post update : 06/11/2010 >>>

This post lists several important reports dedicated to various aspects of nanotech and related issues.*


–>  Etat des lieux du secteur des nanotechnologies (57 p)

–> Gold for good – Gold and nanotechnology in the age of innovation (24 p)

–> Les nanotechnologies et les nanomatériaux dans les pays nordiques – état des lieux et prise en compte des risques en 2010 (22p)

–> Nanotechnologies et enjeux dans les secteurs de l’eau et de l’énergie des pays en développement (33 p)

–>  Risques et opportunités trans-sectoriels des nanotechnologies pour les pays en développement (32 p)

–> Voluntary initiatives, regulation, and nanotechnology oversight : charting a path (56 p)


–> Adressing nanomaterials as an issue of global concern (42 p)

–> Approaches to safe nanotechnology – Managing the health and safety concerns associated with engineered nanomaterials (104 p)

–> Engineered nanomaterials : evidence on the effectiveness of workplace controls to prevent exposure (82 p)

–> Exposure to nanomaterials in consumer products (47 p)

–> Literature review – Workplace exposure to nanoparticles (91 p)

–> Manufactured nanomaterials and sunscreens : top reasons for precautions (10 p)

–> Mapping study on regulation and governance of nanotechnologies (138 p)

–> Nano & biocidal silver – extreme germ killers present a growing threat to public health (48 p)

–> Nanotechnologies et nanoparticules dans l’alimentation humaine et animale (27 p)

–> Nanotechnology : the social and ethical issues (63 p)

–> Oversight of next generation nanotechnology (48 p)

–> Securing the promise of nanotechnologies : towards transatlantic regulatory cooperation (122 p)


–> Applications of nanotechnologies in the energy sector (88 p)

–> European activities in the field of ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA) and governance of nanotechnology (48 p)

–> Les nanotechnologies (186 p)

–> Novel materials in the environment : the case of nanotechnology (154 p)

–> Out of the laboratory and on to our plates – Nanotechnology in food and agriculture (68 p)

–> Risk governance of nanotechnology applications in food and cosmetics (52 p)

–> Small wonder ? Nanotechnology and cosmetics (12 p)

–> Towards predicting nano-biointeractions : an international assessment of nanotechnology environment, health and safety research needs (80 p)


–> Characterising the Potential Risks Posed by Engineered Nanoparticles: A Second U.K. Government Research Report (100 p)

–> Environmentally beneficial nanotechnologies – barriers and opportunities (95 p)

–> Nanotechnology recent developments, risks and opportunities (36 p)

—> Nanotechnology risk perceptions : the influence of affect and values (53)


–> Nanomaterials, sunscreens and cosmetics : small ingredients, big risks (32 p)

–> Nanotechnology, water & development (44 p)

–> Nanotech Rx – Medical applications of nano-scale technologies : what impact on marginalized communities ? (63 p)


–> Opportunities and risks of nanotechnologies (46 p)

–> Nanotechnology and the poor : opportunities and risks (29 p)

–> Nanotechnology in medical applications: possible risks for human health (46 p)


–> A review of selected nanotechnology topics and their potential military applications (44 p)

–> Nanoscience and nanotechnologies : opportunities and uncertainties (127 p)

–> Nanotechnologies : prospective sur la menace et les opportunités au service du combattant (74 p)

* The sources/authors are diverse, and so are also the statements, assessments, opinions, proposals… expressed in these different documents. Nanocolors provides such a contrasted list for feeding the debate and considers all these reports are worthy of reading for self-education on nanotech and some of the “hot” issues in the field .


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