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Gold nanoparticles : volumetry in biomedical publications since 2000

This chart was built by searching PubMed for publications mentionning “gold nanoparticles” in their title or abstract. According to this criterion, year after year, the volume of publications is clearly higher than for “silver nanoparticles“.


9 Responses

  1. Love this graph. It quantifies what we’ve known to be true for a number of years; gold nanomaterials are the focus of significantly growing interest. Can we use this graph on our blog please? http://www.goldinnovationsblog.com/

  2. Hello Richard, Yes, you can use this graph on “Gold innovations blog” (a short reference or link to the Nanocolors blog would then be appreciated).

  3. Thank you, I am glad this chart was useful to you 🙂

  4. […] here on the Nanocolours blog, showing the rapid growth in biomedical publications mentioning […]

  5. Could you kindly show a reference! That would be very helpful thank you.

  6. Hello Susu,
    Do you mean examples of such articles or something else ?
    Best regards

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