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2 nanotech blogs recently closed

Howard Lovy’s Nanobot (USA, single author blog) and Blog @ NanoVic (Australia, multi contributor blog) both closed in early June. Find out about the hows/whys in their last posts  : Farewell, NanoBot and Farewell from NanoVic.

[[[ Additional link suggested by Nanocolors :

# The shrinking nanotechnology blog universe ]]]


2 Responses

  1. Blog @ Nanovic continues in a different name, but Howard’s blog is finished. I am upset by that.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, Howard Lovy’s Nanobot was definitely a reference for nanotech followers. Concerning Blog @ Nanovic, well, one could say the news page of NanoVentures Australia (http://www.nvaustralia.com.au/news/) is sort of a prolongation – without the possibility to comment. But the scope of Ingenuity @ Bridge8 (http://bridge8.wordpress.com/) is definitely much wider/different than just nanotech.

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