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TACD Resolution on Consumer Products Containing Nanoparticles

The Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) is “a forum of US and EU consumer organisations which develops and agrees on joint consumer policy recommendations to the US government and European Union (…)“. At its annual meeting last week in Brussels, it adopted a resolution on consumer products containing nanoparticles. TACD actually “believes that steps urgently need to be taken in order to ensure that products containing manufactured nanoparticles are safe and beneficial to consumers and do not lead to new human health and environmental risks“. Therefore, it considers that “the EU and US should take prompt action to address the following regulatory needs” :

1 – Agree on definitions

2 – Identify products

3 – Develop testing methodologies adapted to nanoparticles

4 – Address research gaps

5 – Develop and adapt regulatory frameworks to address the special characteristics of nanomaterials

6 – Mandatory labeling

7 – Regulate marketing claims

8 – The public should be consulted about their views on nanotechnologies

9 – Governments should establish commissions to study the social and economic consequences of the displacement of existing industries and commodities by industries based in manufactured nanoparticles.


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