Focus on nanotechnology law blogs

Already 4 blogs dedicated to the topic of nanotechnology laws/regulations are referenced on Nanocolors :

–> Nanotechnology Law : “A Journal of Nanotechnology Law and Policies, dedicated to assess legal implications of nanoscale technologies and the emerging molecular nanotechnology.”

–> Nanotechnology Law Blog : “Regulatory and legal developments involving nanotechnologies & nanomaterials

–> Nanotechnology Law Report : “Legal issues surrounding nanotechnology & general nanotechnology news and events

–> “Where science & law converge” : “A committed quest for ultimate knowledge and construction of international nanotechnology law. entailed in multi-disciplinary context. (…)

Please leave a comment if you know other such blogs 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for putting my blog in yr list.
    Hope my small effort may contribute to the dissemination of nano-knowledge to other academia & public-at-large.


  2. You’re welcome – you have choosen an ambitious and very interesting subject/approach for your work & blog, so there was no hesitation for referencing it in the list !

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