NanotechJapan is a Japanese portal with an international edition delivering Japanese government and other R&D – related nanotechnology news. A free web magazine dedicated to nanotechnology is also available ; it features the research outcomes and activities of the 13 centers in the Japanese Nanotechnology Network :

Hokkaido Innovation through NanoTechnology Support (HINTS)

Center for Integrated Nanotechnology Network (CINTS)

NIMS Center for Nanotechnology Network

NanoProcessing Partnership Platform (NPPP)

Center for Nano-Lithography and Nano-Characterization

Center for Nanostructure Formation and Observation using Electron Beams

Waseda University Nanotechnology Foundry

Chubu Integrated Nanotechnology Support Center

Kyoto Advanced Nanotechnology Network

Handai Multifunctional Nanofoundry

Synchrotron Radiation Center for Nano Measurement and Analysis

Silicon Nano Processing and Vacuum Technology Support Center

Kyushu Nanotechnology Network


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